Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

What I learned in 2018

You can’t hurry your journey through darkness, it will take the time it will take. What’s important is to keep moving. Every small step counts. Don’t be disheartened by the two steps back, just keep telling yourself to take that one step forward.

Have gratitude for people and things you have. You would be surprised at the love you get from unexpected sources. Be thankful for every little bit.

Don’t give up, no matter how dark the journey seems. There is light at the end of all this darkness that you feel you are surrounded by.

Do not give up.

Yes, you can’t have everything your way, you can’t get everything you want. But you are immensely lucky to have what you have. Work hard to keep that.


Scribblings 232 – Wrapped in you

Wrapped in you

The taste of my whiskey
On your lips
The smell of your body
On mine
Your nails digging into
My chest
As you engulf me
In your wet softness
And make me yours


(Stock image)