Scribblings 73 – The Struggle

The Struggle


They say, when one door closes
Another opens
But what do you do when
You lock yourself in

Unable to open the many doors
Shutting yourself in
Pulling curtains over the windows
Finding comfort inside

There is no saviour
Other than yourself to save you
Get up, get out
Do something damn it…

Yeah sure, tomorrow maybe…

Moon poems 45 – Eclipse


If only for a few minutes
If only in many years
I could eclipse your sun
to catch your attention
I would…



Seriously, how can we let the majestic phenomena like this pass without a poem about it, especially when this blog is all about the moon 😊😊😊

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Moon poems 44 – Secrets



I told you things
That I didn’t even tell myself
My deepest thoughts
My darkest secrets

I know they are safe
The parts of me that are missing
Locked in your memory box
That you never open anymore

I talk to myself now
Telling me things that are real
But there is nothing to say
And nothing to hear