Scribblings 221 – Afraid


I want to search
For the invisible signs
But I am afraid to look
Afraid I won’t find them
Leaving me disappointed
Yet again


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Scribblings 217 – Lost


There’s so much darkness
That surrounds me
I am unable to move
Paralyzed under
This weight of nothingness

I am gropping to find
My will to fight
That’s been missing
But I can’t see anything
Without the light

I swear that’s not who I was
I was a fighter
I was a winner
I just don’t know where
I lost myself

Scribblings 216 – Comfort zone

Comfort zone

I shut myself in
Wondering if anyone
will notice my absence
If anyone will miss me
If anyone will reach out

But there are no knocks
at my door
There’s no one coming
looking for me
There’s no one missing
my presence

So I shut out the world
Continuing to rot in my
comfort zone


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