Moon poems 55 – Dream


You floated in my dream last night
And I held your delicate soul in my arms
You whispered something in my ear
As you nestled in my embrace

I showered my kisses on you
My lips caressing
Your forehead
Your eyes
Your cheeks
Your nose
Your chin
Before settling
On your luscious red lips

And those brief surreal moments
Seemed like my eternal reality
Before you faded away
In the breaking dawn


Moon scribblings 53 – Searching


I search for your eyes
Longing for your smile
Seeking your presence
Finding myself in you

You float up there
Lighting up my nights
Before disappearing
Leaving me in my darkness

I wish you knew
How important you are
Shining your light
Guiding me in my path

But go you must
As nature defined you
So I bask in your glory
Enjoying my small moments
While I can…

Moon poems 49 – Hangover


The sun came up again today
Like a predictable event
And the hangover of your smile too
Came over me, predictably

Could I let you pass just like that?
For I haven’t seen you in so long
Not so long in measurable time
But way too long in heartbeats

Stay with me a little bit longer
Please don’t go, I beg you
But you won’t hear my cry
For you are so near yet so far now