Moon poems 45 – Eclipse


If only for a few minutes
If only in many years
I could eclipse your sun
to catch your attention
I would…



Seriously, how can we let the majestic phenomena like this pass without a poem about it, especially when this blog is all about the moon 😊😊😊

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Moon poems 44 – Secrets



I told you things
That I didn’t even tell myself
My deepest thoughts
My darkest secrets

I know they are safe
The parts of me that are missing
Locked in your memory box
That you never open anymore

I talk to myself now
Telling me things that are real
But there is nothing to say
And nothing to hear


Moon poems 43 – Still night

Still night

The moon looks on silently
As the tree sways in the wind
And leaves rustle in rhythm
In a quiet stillness of the night

The music of the crickets
Complemented occasionally
By passing vehicles
Adding life to the otherwise dead night

With the humanity switch turned off
There’s a strange calmness
As I lose myself in a trance
Of the dull moonlight that engulfs me


Moon poems 40 – My Glory

My Glory

Sometimes I see my reflection
Scars all over, no life of my own
Shining on borrowed light
Orbiting around another plane

And yet I am an object of desire
By lovers who see their love in me
And poets who write couplets on me
I can’t help but smile and bask in my glory