Scribblings 103 – Tera Saath

Tera Saath

इन पत्तों की सरसराहट में
तेरे कदमों की आहट थी
दो कदम तेरे साथ चले
और पतझड़ वसंत हो गयी

Loose translation:
There’s sound of your footsteps
In these fallen leaves
As I walked two steps with you
I found spring even in autumn


Scribblings 97 – My Soldiers

My Soldiers

I set these words free
But in reality I’m trying
To set myself free

Free from my shackles
That hold me down
Preventing me to move
Holding me hostage
In my own thoughts
Binding me in my own pain

But I will stay strong
And not give in and lose
This battle with myself
For each word is my soldier
That releases me
From my shackles