Scribblings 73 – The Struggle

The Struggle


They say, when one door closes
Another opens
But what do you do when
You lock yourself in

Unable to open the many doors
Shutting yourself in
Pulling curtains over the windows
Finding comfort inside

There is no saviour
Other than yourself to save you
Get up, get out
Do something damn it…

Yeah sure, tomorrow maybe…

Scribblings 69 – Crash


Rising through the ranks
Meteorically to be a king
Then a gradual downfall
Slow, almost unnoticeable

Weakening foundations
Shaky, bumpy, sputtering
And then a big fall
Everything crashing down

Gathering the scattered pieces
Putting them back together
Unsure how it will work again
Because some pieces are missing

Scribblings 68 – Enigma


In the sea of humanity
You seek the one enigmatic human
Who captures your imagination
And refuses to leave your thoughts

You search and search
Knowing the futility of your efforts
Because what you are really searching for
Is a mirage, an idea, the enigma