Shruti Chapter 7: The Homecoming


“I got a call from your mom today. She invited us over to Bareilly, there’s a family wedding that we need to attend”, Sameer said as he took Shruti’s handbag from her and put in on the sofa. Shruti had returned from office and looked tired while Sameer had reached home earlier in the evening. Shruti didn’t react to what he said and went straight to the bathroom to freshen up, leaving Sameer a little confused.

“I thought you would be excited” he said to her as she came out of the bathroom, towel in hand, wiping her wet face.

“I have a lot of work at office Sameer, I can’t take leave”, Shruti said curtly and went into the bedroom.

Sameer was a little taken aback. Shruti was quite close to her mother and in the last six months that they had been married Sameer had not seen her lose any opportunity to see her. Her mother had even come and stayed with them on multiple occasions.

Shruti’s father had passed away when she was a child and she was naturally close and protective about her mother. Shruti had spent her childhood in Bareilly with her mother and her younger brother. Her mother and most of her maternal side family lived in Bareilly. Shruti had moved to Delhi with her mother and her younger brother after she completed her 11th standard, leaving the support of their extended family. Their family had advised them against moving to the big city. How will a single woman raise her children in the big city? Two women living alone would seem like easy prey for men, they had warned, with her brother considered too young to be a man. It was Shruti who insisted and convinced her mother that it would be best for her and her brother’s education and future.

Living in the big city had been a struggle and Shruti’s mother worked hard to make ends meet. Shruti supported her in household activities and later taking up tuitions teaching little children for extra income. Shruti got admission in Delhi University after her 12th and started her BA in English Literature. It was in college that she met Sameer. Sameer was much older than Shruti, working on this PhD when Shruti joined college. Sameer was tall, well-built and stood out of the crowd because of the beard and long hair he sported at that time. Shruti fell for his calm and composed demeanour as he seemed to have a steadying effect on her life that had been a struggle since their days in Bareilly. She felt safe with him with Sameer being extra protective about her. In her third year of college, Sameer proposed asked her mother for her hand in marriage.

There was resistance from both families about the match. Age difference, different family backgrounds, Shruti’s widowed mother, and horoscopes, the list of reasons seemed endless, but none of them seemed logical to Sameer and Shruti. Eventually they got married in full traditional ceremonies. After marriage, Sameer asked Shruti’s mother and her brother to stay with them but that was not acceptable to her mother. And thus, they moved back to Bareilly, to the comfort of her extended family.

Sameer followed Shruti to the bedroom confused. “Did your mom call you?” he asked.

“Yes, she did”, came the curt response from Shruti.

“And….”, Sameer prodded on.

“I don’t want to go to Bareilly Sameer”

Shruti picked up a glass of water. Her hands shook as she took a sip from the glass. Sameer was befuddled about Shruti’s behaviour. He came and stood close to her and took the glass from her shaking hand. Something seemed to have upset her and he wasn’t sure what it was.

“But why?” Sameer asked gently, “You haven’t been to Bareilly since you moved to Delhi. This would be a good opportunity to go back and meet everyone. All your cousins will be there, and your aunts and uncles”, Sameer tried to reason.

Shruti seemed to convulse at this. “Get away from me” she shouted as she pushed Sameer back violently and went and sat in the corner of the bed. Bundling her arms around her legs, she buried her face in her body and started to cry. Sameer wasn’t sure what had triggered this reaction in Shruti. He had not seen her react like this ever before. Sameer put his arms gently around her to calm her down. “Tell me what happened” he whispered as he hugged her and held her close to him.

“I can’t go back there Sameer. I can’t face Jagan mama*, Shruti said between her sobs.

Sameer continued to hold her in his arms. “What happened with Jagan mama?” he asked gently.

Shruti broke down and between her sobs she told him how Jagan mama had physically abused her repeatedly in her childhood. She didn’t have the courage to tell anyone, not even her mother because their family had supported them in times of trouble. She had finally found a way out by moving to Delhi. She couldn’t bear the thought of facing him at any cost.

Sameer held her in his arms until she calmed down. “Do you trust me?” he whispered to her. Shruti looked up to him, teary eyed and confused at what Sameer was asking. If there was someone she trusted completely it was Sameer. She blinked still unsure why Sameer was asking this. “We leave tomorrow early morning for Bareilly”, he said with gentle firmness, still holding her in his arms reassuringly.

“No” Shruti protested weakly but she felt a certain determination in Sameer’s voice.

“Don’t worry, we won’t stay long, just need to complete some formalities” he said, “Nothing will happen to you, I promise.”

Shruti spent the night tossing and turning in bed, not sure why Sameer was insisting on going but she knew she would be safe with him around.

They reached Bareilly in the afternoon. The house was still being decorated for the marriage, the hustle-bustle of the workers all around. A young boy ran inside to announce their arrival and Shruti’s mother and other relatives came out to receive them. Hugs and loud voices greeted them, welcoming them and at the same time complaining why they hadn’t visited Bareilly in all these years.

Tea was served along with sweet and savoury snacks as things settled down. Sameer went to Shruti’s mother and inquired about Jagan mama. Shruti’s mother shouted at a young girl around to call Jagan mama. Shruti heard her mother’s call for Jagan mama and her eyes widened in fear, looking for Sameer amongst the crowd of people. Sameer looked at her and gestured her to calm down.

Jagan mama arrived boisterously, loudly asking about Shruti and Sameer. As he stood near the door, Sameer stepped ahead. He walked across the hall full of people up to Jagan mama and without any warning flung his hand back and landed a loud slap on his face. The sound of the slap stunned everyone, and the room went quiet. It took a minute or so, but it seemed like eternity for Shruti’s mother to realize what had happened. She rushed forward and yanked Sameer by his arm.

“Have you gone mad”, she shouted at him.

“No mummy ji, I haven’t gone mad. If I had gone mad, mama would be standing here alive” Sameer said calmly. “This man will not come into this house ever again if you don’t want me to go mad” he said sternly to Shruti’s mother. He then moved close to Jagan mama and whispered threateningly in his ear “You know why I am saying this right?”

Stunned Jagan mama nodded and quietly left the house leaving everyone shocked. Shruti started to cry in the corner while her mother sat stunned. The cousins and other relatives dissipated carrying details of what happened and even things that didn’t happen to share with others in the family and friends. Shruti finally told her mother what Jagan mama had done to her in her childhood and they both cried their hearts out.

That day the bond between Shruti and Sameer was cemented with dependency that would be hard to break.


* Mama = Uncle (mother’s brother)


Shruti Chapter 6: Friendship

…Chapter 5


As Sanjay pulled his car on to the main road his cell phone beeped announcing the arrival of a new message. As his car sped on the open road, he read the message:

Thank you so much for the lovely evening. I will never forget this day. You are really a nice person.

A smile broke on Sanjay’s lips. He had taken Shruti out for coffee to a fancy barista. It was a perfect evening. Shruti wore a red top and a long flowing white skirt. The dim lights of the barista bounced on her fair skin, giving her a glow around her. Her perfume still lingered in the car. Sanjay read the message again.

You are really a nice person.

He remembered looking at her soft smooth hands as she played with her rings. How he wanted to hold her hands in his.

He remembered being mesmerized by her lips as she giggled at one of his anecdotes. How he wanted to let his lips linger over them.

He remembered her beautiful feet peeping from beneath her long skirt. How he wanted to caress them gently and tickle her sole.

Sanjay scrolled to read the remaining message.

I am so lucky to have you as my friend. Luv Shruti

Sanjay moved his thumb over the small screen on his cell phone trying to feel the words on the screen.

I am so lucky to have you as my friend. Luv Shruti

He read the remaining message again. He brushed aside the thoughts of her soft hands and full lips. He rolled down the car windows to let her perfume blow away in the wind. He couldn’t betray her trust. He couldn’t let her down.


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Shruti Chapter 5: The Phone Call

…Chapter 4


Three days had passed since Shruti had saved Sanjay’s number in her contact list. In those two days she had wondered when he would call. Sameer had gone for his tour and was not expected back for another week and that added to her loneliness and craving for Sanjay’s call. She had tried to busy herself in work and brush away the thoughts of expecting a call but they would surprise her by creeping up every now and then. And then when she was in the middle of her staff meeting, the phone lit up without making a sound. It was Sanjay calling. She had strict no-calls-during-staff-meetings rule for her team and she would look bad if she broke that, so she let it ring till it stopped on its own.

After the meeting, she hurriedly picked up the phone and went to her cabin and dialed Sanjay’s number. It rang for a few times but it seemed like a long time to Shruti.

“Hello”, she heard Sanjay’s soft commanding voice

“Hi, it’s me, Shruti”, she said. She really wanted to pretend that she didn’t know whose number it was and was tempted to ask who it was calling, but she didn’t. She didn’t want to risk putting Sanjay off.

“Ya hi Shruti” Sanjay continued, “I had called but you were probably busy”. And Sanjay went directly to the reason he called. He was looking for connects in her company as he had heard they were looking to start a new project. It was a direct to the point conversation. Shruti agreed to find out who the right person would be within the company and said she will get back.

When she hung up, she felt disappointed and a little foolish. How silly of her to expect anything else. Sanjay was a professional, just as she was. They were just networking professionally, and nothing else. She felt as though she stubbed her toe against the furniture.

Sanjay hung up and apologized to the people sitting in front of him. He was in the middle of a meeting when Shruti called and he didn’t want to miss her call. He rued his missed chance of chatting up anything more than just professionally. Perhaps the next time when she calls back, he thought as he busied himself in the conversation with others.

The next day Shruti called him when he was alone. He smiled as he greeted her on the phone. Shruti told him about the person to connect with in her office and gave him the number. This time Sanjay extended the conversation, speaking about how wonderful he felt at the chance meeting with her. He wondered what she was doing in the evening and invited her for coffee. Sanjay was pleasantly surprised when Shruti agreed to meet with him that evening. He cleared off his calendar and started looking for places to take her out.

…Chapter 6

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Shruti Chapter 4: The Crush

…Chapter 3

shruti-the crush

Shruti was at work when her phone beeped. She looked at the phone to check the message. It was a message on Whatsapp from Ritu. “Hey girl, thanks for making it to the party, sending some pics, you looked hot babe”, Ritu wrote in her casual tone. And slowly the pictures started to download. Shruti kept the phone down and got back to work. She knew the kind of pictures that were taken at the party, the women with their pouting faces and arched body poses, and the men with the drinks. By now Shruti had gotten used to Ritu’s party and the pictures that followed.

On her way home in the evening as Shruti checked her phone she started to view the party pictures. There were the usual poses as she expected. She scrolled through the pictures and then stopped at one. It was a group photo but this one had Sanjay standing next to her in the photograph. She remembered their brief conversation and her feeling of a teenage crush on him. Sanjay was tall and attractive man. He was well built and exuded confidence and charm. She remembered wondering how he was married to Rachna, who was so loud and garish, lacking the class that she saw in Sanjay. She zoomed in on the photograph to see Sanjay more clearly. He had a serene smile on his face but his eyes seem to be on her in the photograph. Was he watching her, she wondered, the thought of which brought a smile to her face. She felt strange feeling the way she was feeling seeing Sanjay’s photograph.

She was still some way from reaching home when Ritu called. While she wasn’t good at small talk, Ritu had no problem in keep the conversation going with small talk. Shruti asked about the slightly plump lady who was giving Ritu competition in being boisterous and loud. She really wanted to ask about Sanjay but didn’t know where to start. Ritu didn’t need much prodding. It seems Jagdeep firm had contracted Sanjay’s company for a new project and Jagdeep had invited Sanjay with his wife Rachna to the party.

“Rachna runs her own boutique, you know, she’s a wannabe fashionista”, Ritu told Shruti in a slightly condescending tone.

And then Ritu asked a strange question, “Waise what happened between you and Sanjay?”

It caught Shruti completely by surprise. “What do you mean what happened? Nothing happened” she mumbled, a little flustered

“Sanjay was asking about you rather inquisitively” Ritu said.

“I have no idea, we just spoke briefly” Shruti replied feeling almost guilty of being caught but also feeling excited about Sanjay asking about her.

“Accha rehne de, waise you are such a fattu, kuch nahin hoga tere se” Ritu was back in her nonchalant tone. “Listen, I am texting you his number” she said.

“What will I do with his number?” Shruti was a little surprised at where this conversation was going.

“Oh you, you and your dirty mind. He needs some connects for his business, and I told him you can help him get an entry in your office for the new project”

“Ya sure I will do what I can, but if he needs help he should call na, what will I do with his number?” Shruti said defensively even as she felt a strange happy feeling at the possibility of connecting with Sanjay again.

“He will call you silly girl” Ritu said, “I have given him your number. You save his number so you can recognize when he calls you” Shruti felt as though Ritu giggled under her breath as she said that.

They said their goodbyes and hung up. And sure enough a little while later her phone notified her of a new message with Sanjay’s number. As she looked at the number on the screen she remembered their brief conversation. He made her feel so comfortable with his light talk, his soft voice gave her a sense of belonging, and his small gestures of chivalry made her feel wanted. Something about him made her want to continue talking to this stranger. She wondered if he would call her soon. She saved the number in her contact list as her car pulled up near her house.

Chapter 5…


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Shruti Chapter 3: Strangers

…Chapter 2

“So looks like you enjoyed the party after all.” Sameer said as he turned his car on to the main road.

“It wasn’t bad.”

“You had too much to drink. You should control yourself.” Sameer said, a little sternly.

“Of course not, I just hal a little.” Shruti smiled at him.

“You are slurring. Just be careful when you drink. You know you can’t hold it.”

“I can’t help it, you know how Ritu is. She overdoes everything. And then there was this new lady in the group who was giving Ritu such competition being loud and all. I don’t even remember her name now.” Shruti said. Sameer was quiet as their car cruised over empty roads. Shruti wondered why she did not mention Sanjay, a name she remembered very clearly. Not that she had a long conversation with him. Just a brief talk when he introduced himself as an architect and that that lady’s husband, ‘what was her name?’, Shruti thought. It was the most innocent conversation. She felt a little guilty being attracted to a man other than her husband. ‘Oh it’s just a silly crush, it will go away’ she thought.


They reached home past midnight, navigating the empty roads with occasional dogs barking. In their bedroom she stood in front of the mirror de-jewelling herself. She didn’t like wearing too much jewelry and felt a relief taking her jewelry off. Sameer came and stood behind her and slowly removed the safety pin that tied her sari pallu to her blouse. He let the pallu fall and admired her in the mirror. His hands were caressing her shoulders as he gently kissed her neck. His touch on her felt nice and she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment of intimacy. Sameer’s hands slowly went in front and started opening the hooks of her blouse, caressing her breasts slowly. Shruti turned around and held him close and placed her lips on his. They kissed passionately. Sameer’s hands were exploring her body when she whispered in his ears “Sameer, I want to have a baby.”

Sameer hands stopped and his grip on her loosened. He straightened up looking at her.

“Sameer I promise I will be more careful now. I won’t open the door and won’t leave her alone, not even for one second.” Shruti pleaded, her voice quivering as she remembered what had happened three years ago. Sameer held her face in his palm, not saying anything.

“It’s been three years Sameer. How long can you go on like this, blaming me for what happened?” a tear rolled down her eye unable to move him.

“I am past 30 Sameer, how long will we wait? You know there can be complications after 35.” Shruti said as she clung to him.

“We’ll have one before you are 35.” Sameer said as he parted himself from her. She knew that meant he didn’t want to continue to the conversation.

That night they slept together like strangers, maintaining a safe distance.


Chapter 4…


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Shruti Chapter 2: The Party

…Chapter 1

Shruti was jolted out of her thoughts by Sameer’s voice. She hadn’t noticed when he had come out in the balcony. He placed his hand on her shoulder gently and wished her good morning. She smiled at him and went inside to make tea for him.

Sameer was reading the newspaper as Shruti handed Sameer the cup of tea. He didn’t look up and continued reading. She watched him as he sipped his tea. Sameer’s indifference did not seem to match their passionate love making the previous night. There was very little trace of intimacy in the morning, very different from the affection he had shown last night. Sameer had always been good in bed and she always felt complete being with him. Yet she longed for some intimacy outside their bedroom. It is not that Sameer wasn’t a good husband. He always took care of all the small things that husbands are supposed to take care of. He was a gentleman and a caring person. So why did Shruti feel the distance between them?

“We need to go to Jagdeep’s party tonight” Sameer said softly without looking up from his paper.

“Oh no, I just don’t like these parties you take me to. Specially Jagdeep’s party. You know his father, he is such a creep always trying to come close to me.” Shruti groaned.

“Just touch his feet and move away. You know how important their family is to us. They are financing our new project, so please don’t make a scene.”

‘I never make a scene’, Shruti thought and decided not to say anything. Jagdeep was Sameer’s childhood friend and from a very rich family. Jagdeep’s father was 70 years old but very active socializer. He showed great affection towards Shruti, not missing any opportunity to touch her. Shruti hated it but didn’t want to jeopardize their new project. She knew she could handle him but just hoped that Sameer would show some empathy and understand what a creep the old man was.

“Wear that yellow sari of yours, the one with sleeveless blouse” Sameer said.

Shruti gave him the look.

“You look good in it, that’s all” Sameer said.

She knew she looked good in that sari. Sameer had told her umpteen times, as had her colleagues at work.


Sameer was already at home when Shruti returned from work. As she started to get ready, she noticed him wearing his most expensive suit.

“Who all are going to be there?” she asked

“Mr. Sinha has invited some officials from the ministry. These guys are the ones who will clear our projects.”

‘Mr. Sinha, the creep’ she thought. Jagdeep’s father Mr. Sinha always seemed to have the right contacts. Must be something to do with his 30 years in the government service.


As Sameer and Shruti stepped into the party, Jagdeep came forward to meet them. He gave Sameer a bear hug, an indication of old friendships and they laughed loudly at something that Shruti didn’t quite catch. Jagdeep welcomed her with a gentle handshake, maintaining his distance as they walked in. Mr. Sinha was standing with his old cronies when they walked up to him. She bent down slightly to touch his feet. Mr. Sinha immediately took her arm and hugged her, preventing the ritual.

“Arre beta, yeah sab ki zaroorat nahin hain. Ab to tum gale mila karo.” he said not letting go of her. “Come let me know introduce you to my friends.”

He introduced Sameer as his second son and Shruti as his bahu.

‘Heck, why doesn’t he hug his second son damnit’, Shruti thought as she wriggled out of Mr. Sinha’s grip. She greeted the others in the group with a nameste and excused herself saying she had to help Ritu, Jagdeep’s wife.

Mr. Sinha’s disappointment almost showed on his face but he knew he couldn’t prevent her from going. Shruti felt his eyes trailing her watching her walk by. She quickly turned into the crowd trying to find Ritu.

Ritu was a boisterous, happy go lucky person. Shruti found her surrounded by a gaggle of ladies in designer saris, laden with jewellery looking like advertisements for jewellery shops. Ritu had a glass in one hand and a cigarette dangled lightly from her fingers. She hugged Shruti.

“Girl, how do you maintain such a figure? You could look at any man and he would follow you anywhere darling.” Ritu said as Shruti blushed. Shruti always thought of herself as just another middle-class girl and felt uncomfortable with Ritu’s frankness. Even after years of going to parties like these with Sameer, she still felt out of place.

Ritu waved at the waiter for a drink. She handed a Bloody Mary to Shruti.

“Zyada strong to nahin hai na?” Shruti said as she took the glass.

“Arre itna nahin sochte, abhi to pehla hi drink hai” Ritu said as she diverted her attention to a new set of ladies that had just arrived.

Shruti moved away from the crowd, sipping her drink, trying to find a quiet corner. Just then Ritu called her back and introduced her to Rachna and Sanjay. Rachna was plump and looked even more like a jewellery shop, giving Ritu competition in being boisterous and loud. The group moved away leaving Shruti and Sanjay in their awkward togetherness.

Chapter 3…

Shruti Chapter 1: Tragedy

baby-1880769_1920Shruti woke up breathing heavily. There was a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. She was in her bed. Sameer was sleeping soundly besides her. It was the same dream she had been consistently having every now and then. It always feels so very real, she thought. The clock showed thirty minutes past four. Shruti got out of the bed and went to the kitchen to make some tea. It was still dark outside as Shruti sat on a chair in her balcony. Sunrise was still an hour away but birds had begun chirping on the tree that rose majestically to her balcony. She sipped her tea wondering why she always got the same dream when Sameer arrived from his tour.

Sameer and Shruti would complete five years of their marriage this year. Shuti had fallen in love with Sameer in college but it was a few years after college that their relationship blossomed. After two years of courtship and overcoming some resistance from the families, Sameer and Shruti were married in a traditional ceremony.

A year later Shruti gave birth to a little girl. Sameer had been absolutely thrilled as he stayed with Shruti in the delivery room throughout the delivery. The girl was a healthy child when she was born. They named her Samridhi. The first year went like a dream. Sameer and Shruti were caring parents and tried to provide the best of things for Samridhi. Shruti quit her job and to be a full time mother.

Samridhi had a grand first birthday. Sameer and Shruti threw a huge party for more than 200 people. And unlike most children, Samridhi didn’t cry at her first birthday. It seemed as though she was enjoying all the attention. Even as balloons burst around her, Samridhi giggled heartily, enjoying the popping sound. As the party progressed late into the night, Samridhi slept gently on Shruti’s shoulder. Sameer kissed her on the cheek and then gently kissed Shruti on the lips. He took Samridhi from Shruti’s shoulder and put her to sleep in a custom build cot next to their bed. It had been a tiring and long day and Sameer and Shruti were very tired when everyone left. They slept almost immediately as they hit the bed.

Sameer had an important meeting the next day and rushed to office in the morning. Shruti started her ritual of giving Samridhi a bath in the morning. The maid completed the work and left as Shruti prepared the bath tub. She made sure that the water was just right, not too hot and not too cold. As she put a few drops of water on Samridhi’s arms, Samridhi giggled in delight and put her hand in the bath tub. Shruti lifted her and sat her in the bathtub. Samridhi enjoyed the floating feeling as she sat and started playing with the water. Suddenly the door bell rang. Shruti wondered who it could be. She looked at Samridhi who was playing with the water. “I’ll just be back baby” Shruti said as she kissed Samridhi on her forehead.

“Kaun hai?” Shruti asked as she looked through the peephole on the door

“Madam courier” the voice outside said.

Shruti saw a boy of about twenty in some sort of a uniform. She opened the door and he gave her envelop and asked her to sign some papers. As she took the pen from him, he grabbed her hand and pushed her inside the house. Two other men followed him as they pushed their way inside the house and closed the door behind them. One of the men placed a hand on her mouth and pushed a knife on her throat.

“Awaaz nahin” he said in a soft but threatening voice as the other two hurried inside ransacking the house. Shruti was terrified. The hand on her mouth was hard and rough, and she was having difficulty breathing. He pinned her against the wall as she struggled to get a sound out. The knife pressed deeper into her throat and she felt blood dripping down on to her blouse. She pleaded with her eyes unable to say anything, mumbling against the pressed hand. Suddenly the man hit her on the head with the back of his knife. She felt a strange numbness as she felt more blood trickling down her forehead. He hit her again twice before she lost consciousness and dropped on the floor.

When Shruti regained consciousness she saw that the house had been ransacked. She touched her forehead and felt the warm blood. She was too stunned at what had happened. Suddenly she remembered Samridhi. She crawled and hauled herself up against the wall and half ran towards the bathroom, stumbling on her way on the fallen chair. She stormed into the bathroom and dropped on her knees and burst into tears. Samridhi was floating in the bathtub face down. Shruti pulled her out of the water and lay her on the floor. She shook Samridhi violently as she tried to revive her. She breathed into Samridhi’s mouth pumping her small chest, crying all the time. Samridhi lay still, no sound, no movement as Shruti shouted hysterically. Shruti did not know when her neighbours came inside. The lady who she would say hello to everyday was holding her tightly trying to console her. Another man was trying to feel Samridhi’s pulse. He shouted to someone outside to call the police and ambulance. It took some time for Shruti to realize that the lady holding her was asking her husband’s phone number.

Sameer arrived just after the police. There was chaos everywhere in the house and police was asking everyone to go outside. Shruti was still crying and fell on to Sameer as he arrived.

“Where’s Samridhi?” he shouted above Shruti’s crying. She pointed to the bathroom. Sameer rushed inside to see Samridhi’s body covered in a white cloth that police had placed.

“Why aren’t you taking her to the hospital?” he shouted at the constable standing in the bathroom. He got up and grabbed the constable’s collar, “Why aren’t you trying to save her?” he shouted as he tried to wrestle with the constable. Two other policemen grabbed him and dragged him outside the bathroom. The inspector tried to console him and calm him down.

The post mortem report said that Samridhi died of water in her lungs. Shruti had to get stitches on her skull. The police were never able to trace the three men. They declared robbery as the motive and Samridhi’s death an unfortunate incident. The neighbours tried to console Shruti and Sameer, saying it was God’s wish and worst could have happened, cursing the police for their inefficiency. Sameer never said anything to Shruti but she felt a distance between them. She tried to get him to talk, let his anger out but Sameer didn’t say much. He busied himself in work and started staying away from home. He left early and returned late from work. He went on long tours leaving Shruti alone for days and weeks at a stretch. Shruti started working and adjusted to her loneliness in the empty house. And when Sameer would return from his tours, she would get the strange dream about being completely alone, marooned on an island, not sure how she had got there. And she always seemed to have this dream only when Sameer was back.

Chapter 2…