Scribblings 166 – Golden hues

Golden hues

The horizon is laden
With golden hues
Dispelling the darkness
Signalling a new beginning


Jasmine Chapter 3: The Morning After

…Chapter 2


Jasmine felt his sweet caress of the morning, feeling his skin next to hers, as he gently ran his fingers on her back and turning her over to face him, nuzzling against her neck and stroking her nipples to arousal, letting his mouth linger over her breasts as she opened her eyes to see him. Shiva moved up to passionately kiss her good morning. Jasmine kissed him back and smiled as they parted. “Good morning” she said holding his face in her hands, gently caressing his eyebrows with her long nail. She looked at her red sari, sprawled on the floor and smiled again at the thought of the night she spent with Shiva. She remembered running out of Shiva’s car in the rain to her apartment only to find herself alone. She cursed herself for leaving him so soon, as she remembered their kiss in the car. And when the phone rang her heart skipped a beat as she saw Shiva’s name on the little screen. Shiva’s car had broken down in the incessant rain and she lost no time in inviting him home.

Shiva was wet when he reached her apartment. She bought a towel. Instead of handing it over to him, she proceeded to dry his hair. He did not protest as she stood close to him. She had not changed and was still in her red sari. She wanted the night to be theirs. As she dried his hair, her breasts thrust close to his face. She felt his hands rest on her shapely waist as she continued to play with his hair. He looked up into her inviting eyes, his thumbs getting closer to her breasts teasing her, their eyes trying to read each other’s next move, cautious and unsure. Shiva felt Jasmine’s heartbeat increasing as he felt her fingers gripping his hair just a little bit tighter. He moved up to kiss her parted lips as she gripped his hair and pulled him closer, their tongues intertwining, playing with each other. Shiva’s hands explored her back over her low cut blouse and moved slowly to caress her shapely body.

Jasmine smiled as she played the night over again in her mind.

With their lips locked, Jasmine guided Shiva to her bedroom. She liked space and time, which they had tonight. Shiva didn’t seem to be in a hurry as she enjoyed their moment of passion. He ran his fingers through her hair and let them trace down on her neck to her shoulders. He took the pallu of her sari and unravelled it off her. She stood there with in her sleeveless blouse and petticoat as Shiva appreciated her curves. Slowly he unbuttoned her blouse and untied her petticoat and let them fall on the floor. Red was the color of the day as he discovered Jasmine’s red lacy innerwear. His hands gently pushed the strap of her bra off her shoulders as his lips traced the curves of her neck and shoulders. She giggled as his lips moved down, his tongue tracing its path over her breasts on to her navel and tenaciously tickled her.

What followed was a night of passionate love making over and over leading to the surreal morning.

Scribblings 164 – Free me

Free me

I miss your eyes
The ones that looked
Deep into mine
And made me yours

I miss your lips
That parted in a smile
Like petals of a rose
Quivering at my touch

I miss your touch
That held me steady
Comforting me
Enriching my soul

I miss your laughter
That sweet sound
Of your free spirit
Surrounding me with happiness

Oh my muse
Come to me again
And free me from myself
Like you freed yourself


(Illustration artist: Unknown)

Scribblings 163 – Unapologetically Free

Unapologetically Free

She is unapologetically free
Dancing and prancing
No obstacle too big for her
As she pushes her way through

I watched in awe
Seduced by her freedom
Of meandering at her own will
Drowning those who tried to control her

Living her journey
Faithfully guarding those
Who ride her
Without trying to tame her

Underneath her rapid curves
In the quiet gurgles of her flow
She holds mysteries she might bare
To anyone who goes with her flow


(Pic by Jansen Fenstermacher)