Scribblings 98 – Recidivism


I didn’t realize the ramifications
Until I was found guilty
Of loving too much
I tried to stop
But my recidivism
Will yet again lead me
To the prison of your memories


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Scribblings 97 – My Soldiers

My Soldiers

I set these words free
But in reality I’m trying
To set myself free

Free from my shackles
That hold me down
Preventing me to move
Holding me hostage
In my own thoughts
Binding me in my own pain

But I will stay strong
And not give in and lose
This battle with myself
For each word is my soldier
That releases me
From my shackles

Scribblings 93 – Lingering fragrance

Lingering fragrance

Sometimes the right words come after you have published a poem. Here’s another version of what I posted earlier (see below). Which one is better?

Like the smell of mud
Of summer’s first rain
You leave behind
A lingering fragrance

When you walk by
I soak in your presence
Caressing your footprints
Even after you have left

Originally posted:

Like the smell of mud
In the first rain of summer
Your lingering fragrance
Leaves me breathless

When you walk by
I pause and soak in
Your presence each time
Caressing your footprints


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Moon scribblings 53 – Searching


I search for your eyes
Longing for your smile
Seeking your presence
Finding myself in you

You float up there
Lighting up my nights
Before disappearing
Leaving me in my darkness

I wish you knew
How important you are
Shining your light
Guiding me in my path

But go you must
As nature defined you
So I bask in your glory
Enjoying my small moments
While I can…